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    The most comfortable waist trainer brand

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The most comfortable waist trainer brand

Hourglass Design

For the modern age

Patented Hourglass Design

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The Differences

The Most Effective Shapewear

LissommeX Waist trainer is designed by women and for women. We aim at helping women to stay beatiful and comfortable.

Fits like a glove, feels like a hug

The comfortable way to get the hourglass silhouette you've always wanted. Comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Before and After

Amazing shaping results from real customers. See how women like you achieved their slimming goals with a daily waist training regimen.

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Our Quality Commitment

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What our customers say

"I don't promote anything I haven't tried before and this waist trainer by LissommeX is the absolute truth...first thing I noticed, the level of comfortably. the intern mesh is breathable, the steel bars are flexible so there's no poking. It's literally the best I've seen thus far."

- Apple

Lissommex Story