There’s a lot of hype surrounding waist training; it’s unavoidable. Big stars and pop celebrities are now flaunting and endorsing their curves, accentuating them in their designer outfits, making reduced waists and ample hips the current must-have silhouette.


If your body is not naturally curvaceous and you are not a member of the Kardashian gene pool and the tiny waist that comes with it, you might need some help to get that hourglass body shape everyone’s coveting right now.

 So, what can a waist trainer really do for you?


1.Offer Instant Results


Waist trainers are well-known for the celerity with which they can make women feel more confident and attractive.


Just by putting the  waist trainer on, you’ll undergo a significant change both physically and mentally that will shine through in your deportment and demeanor. The waist trainer immediately cinches your waist, flattens your tummy and smoothes out your figure causing all those rolls and love handles to be a thing of the past. These instant results are a great help if you need to look good in a hurry for a special event.


Repeated and consistent use will render more permanent results, too, causing a waist size reduction of about 1 inch in the first week of continuous use.


2. Focalized Weight Loss


Losing abdominal fat is by far the hardest thing to do when trying to lose weight and reshape your body. The human body naturally stores fat in the abdominal area in order to protect vital organs and ensure heat during winter. This is why slimming down legs and arms turns out to be much easier than losing those pesky tummy rolls. They help increase mobility and dexterity which is one of the human body’s natural inclinations.


Consistent waist trainer use can decidedly contribute to focalized weight loss and fat burn. Having it tightly cinched to your waist and abdominal area these will have no other option but to shrink due to the increased heat to which they will be subject. The waist trainer also promotes thermogenesis during exercise sessions which translates to more fat burn, more sweating and thus more toxins leaving your body.


3. Enhances Your Workout Sessions


Wearing a waist trainer during your workout routine will increase perspiration and enhance abdominal tightening.

The compression tha waist trainer provides fortifies your central abdominal muscles which ultimately render a stronger and flatter middle section accentuated by a smaller waist and flattering curves.


Not all exercise routines are safe to do with waist trainers though, so be careful. Running, walking, some HIIT routines and basically exercises that don’t require much waist bending are recommended. Get started with our easy-to-follow guide of waist-trainer friendly exercises here. 



4.Betters Your Posture


A proper and well made waist trainer that offers significant support like the Lissommex Waist Trainer with its 15 strands and built with natural rubber and steel keels that are not easily deformed can immediately better your posture and natural carriage. Its use makes it very difficult to slouch and offers firm lower back support.


Correcting your posture automatically centers and boosts your core, fortifying both your abdominal and lower back muscles. Waist training can also help to save you the weakening of joints within the spine and damage or stress put on the connecting ligaments. You are also less in all likelihood to revel in degenerative situations like osteoporosis and arthritis.


5.Gives You an ‘Hourglass Figure’


90% of women who seek to wear a waist trainer covet the impressive and alluring “hour-glass figure” that is achieved due to the compression the waist trainer exercises on the body’s middle section. This isn’t instant but requires time, patience and dedication for more permanent results.


6.Reduces Your Appetite


Waist trainers naturally compress your stomach which is why eating with the waist trainer on will reduce the amounts of food you ingest. You just won’t be able to eat large amounts of food without feeling uncomfortably full.  This allows you to exercise total portion control over your daily diet.


The logical consequence of eating less? More weight loss.


7.Alleviate Menstrual Cramps


Granted, it doesn’t have the same effect on everyone, but there have been a number of  testimonies stating reduced menstrual cramps due to the use of waist trainers.


Wearing a waist cincher will apply pressure through compression on your midsection and the peritoneal organs. This alleviates the discomfort of uterine contractions that cause menstrual cramps.


Wearing your waist trainer in the days prior to or during your period can prove very beneficial for pain and cramp control.


Incorporating a waist trainer to your daily life will certainly bring about a number of changes that will only be better for your general health and well being. Get your waist trainer today and start working on a better you!