With celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and other social media influencers raving about the many benefits waist trainers offer, these trainers have become the go-to exercise trend for women seeking to get that Kim Kardashian-esque shape.

While you have heard of waist trainers, the question is what are waist trainers? What benefits do they offer? How can I wear it properly? These questions are the bedrock on which this article is built on and in the course of it, we will discuss in detail what waist trainers are and how they can be used.

What Is Waist Trainer?

Otherwise referred to as waist clincher or body shaper, the history of waist trainers dates to the 16th century when Catherine de'Medici first introduced them to her servants. Catherine banned thick waisted women from the court, in the process forcing them to search for waist slimming solutions.

It was not until the 19th Century that people especially women started wearing "stays" as a way of controlling their waist. From these stays, corsets were developed and in turn, waist training was bred. While it has been out of trend for a long time, there has been a shift to them in modern times as celebrities like those mentioned above have made them famous. With more people paying attention to these waist trainers, they have become the go-to exercise trend for women seeking to get their hands-on natural solutions to an hourglass shape.

Waist trainers are basically high compression garments or shapewear that are worn around the midsection to slim down your waistline as well as complement your fitness goals. Most of the waist trainers for women available in modern times have been designed to stimulate thermal activity in the body's core, thus, helping you sweat more for less effort.

The aim of waist trainers or tummy shapers is simply to make the area between the ribcage and hips smaller by working the lower and front obliques and abdominals. The idea behind this is to strengthen stomach muscles while creating a more defined waist and flatter tummy.

2. Does Waist Trainer Work?

This is one of the most asked questions potential users have asked time and again. Before answering that question, it is best that we briefly understand how waist trainers work. Basically, waist trainers have been designed in different corset style and they all aim to clinch your waist down to the size you have been looking for. Corsets come with a bone structure that whittles certain areas of your body away. To do this, the bone structure takes out the spaces between the ribs at the same time readjusting your ab area to ensure that your waist is clinched together.

Waist trainers work!

Contrary to what most people believe, the human body can be morphed. The body is designed to shift and adjust to whatever you are doing. It simply means that these tummy shapers or waist clinchers are simply a whole new approach to getting that dream body.

Benefits and Side Effects of Waist Trainer

There are several benefits associated with waist training especially when you opt for the best trainer for women. In this section, we will discuss some of the benefits of waist trainers as well as the side effects.

 - Benefits

1.     They Offer Instant Result - waist trainers offer you instant result and this is unlike any exercise routine you may have engaged in. Once you put on this waist trainer belt, you notice how compact and tinier your waist is. These trainers have been designed to immediately clinch your waist together and it is ideal for those tight and fitting dresses in your closet. Surprisingly, within the first week of wearing a waist trainer, there is every possibility that you will lose close to an inch of body fat from your waist.

2.     Helps In Weight Control - it is extremely difficult to eat large portions of food when wearing a waist trainer belt. While these trainers do not necessarily help you lose weight, they help to reduce the amount of food you consume, in the process indirectly aiding in your weight loss goal.

3.     Weight Trainers Improve Confidence and Body Posture - waist trainers are designed with a metal bone that makes it extremely difficult for you to slouch. In addition to helping you get that hourglass shape; tummy shapers help to give you a perfect body posture as they offer the needed support to your back.

4.     Helps in Postpartum Waist Tightening - an increasing number of women would give anything to get back their natural shape after childbirth, but most have found it difficult to do so. The design of waist trainers affords them the opportunity to get back that shape after childbirth. Currently, several people have attested to this, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are a few of those to have found waist trainers helpful after childbirth.

5.     Enhances Workout Sessions - wearing waist trainers while engaging in rigorous or intense workout sessions has proven to be of immense benefit to users. Waist trainers as mentioned earlier can increase thermal activity as well as the perspiration of your midsection, so regularly wearing your tummy shaper during a workout will help tighten body core.

 - Side Effects

1.     Feeling of Discomfort - these waist trainers or shapewear are simply garmenting that are tied around your waist and will make you feel uncomfortable. To reduce the level of discomfort, we advise that you go easy on it as being aggressive will create more problems for you. If there are bruises, downward pressure, restricted movements, and shallow breathing, then it could be that you are either wearing this body garment too tight or it is the wrong size for you.

2.     Muscle Weakness - wearing shapewear for a long period of time will result in muscle weakness. If you experience this, we advise that you go about it moderately. You do not need to wear it all the time especially if you experience weakness of muscles. Moderation is key!

3.     Trouble Breathing - while wearing a waist trainer tight will give your better result, endeavor not to endanger yourself by wearing it too tight that you are unable to breathe. After tightening your waist trainer belt, ensure that you are breathing fine before leaving your home.

How to Choose Waist Trainer That Works For You?

While most waist trainers come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, it is of utmost importance that you choose only the best one for you. While this has proven to be a herculean task for most people, we will share tips on how you can choose the right waist gear for you.

·       When choosing a waist trainer, your comfort should be a priority. We advise that you only settle for shapewear that brings you comfort.

·       To pick the best waist trainer for you, you need to take into consideration your size. It is important that you settle for a trainer that is smaller than your waist. Take accurate measurements before you opt for any waist trainer.

·       Waist trainers designed with quality material will offer you comfort and ensure that your desired shape is achieved. While there are a number of these waist trainers in the market, it is important that you go for one that is made with quality materials like the LissommeX Belt.

How to Wear A Waist Trainer Safely And Effectively?

Putting on a waist trainer belt for the first time could be tricky, it may feel too tight and uncomfortable for you. That should not stop you, there are ways you can wear these trainers in a safe and effective manner. We will show you.

·       Clasp the hooks located at the bottom of the shapewear in front of your body. For better results, it is best that you clasp the hooks around the narrowest part of your body, then gradually pull down the waist trainer over your abdomen. Wear your shapewear for an hour twice or thrice after your purchase to help you break into it perfectly.

·       If you opt for the lace-up style, then you will need to lace from the back. This will take some time before you master it but as a first timer, you might need someone to help you lace it up from the back.

If you experience trouble breathing or have bruises and scratches while putting it on, then it may not be the right fit for you. If you feel uncomfortable the first time, a gradual and continuous process will help you break into it.


Waist trainers have been designed to help offer instant results to those seeking er get back their natural shape after childbirth, to control their weight and how much food they eat, or those seeking to get the Kylie and Kim Kardashian-esque shape. Whatever your reasons are for choosing these waist trainers, they can help restore your confidence and help you achieve your goal.

While there are a number of waist trainers available, the LissommeX Belt is one of the best waist trainers for women. Designed with some of the best materials, this shapewear, unlike the others, offer incredible results with little or no side effects.