7-Day Waist Training Plan for Beginners

Waist trainers have become really popular nowadays. Many women dream of having an hourglass body shape, and these cinchers are playing a great role to help them achieve such goals. 

Though waist trainers alone cannot help you to lose those extra inches around your tummy; if worn along with eating healthy, working out regularly, and following a proper schedule, the training may actually have good results. 

Initially waist training can be a bit confusing. So, here we have a seven day plan that you can follow. 


The first day of the training plan is absolutely simple - you start by wearing the waist trainer for 2-3 hours. The duration can be altered, depending on the personal goals and of course comfort. The moment you feel, you want to get rid of it, get it off immediately! 


It’s time to increase the number of hours, and wear the cincher for around 4-5 hours a day. Be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable, but if there’s too much discomfort, do not keep it on any longer. 

If you’re fine, you can try a few stretching exercises or slow running while wearing the waist trainer. 


On day 3, you need to push yourself a bit and wear it for a minimum 4 hours. This day of training should have gentle exercises and a 10-15 minutes cardio as well. You can increase the number of hours, if you do not feel any type of discomfort.


For this day of the waist training week, you'll wear the trainer for 8 hours a day. Remember, the compression from the waist cincher can affect your eating habit. You’ll not be able to eat big portions as your stomach is restricted. Plus, it will be beneficial as you’ll have a more balanced diet without consuming too much food in each meal.


The target for day five is 9 hours. You should also increase the cardio workout to 20-25 minutes. Now you may feel a little change in your body, but do not be fooled into thinking that waist training is all you need to have an hourglass figure. It is just adding value to a healthy diet and consistent workout. 


Hopefully, you’ve got used to wearing a waist trainer by now. The goal for day six is 10 hours and you should also combine with healthy eating and exercise. The results will be awesome if you stick to the schedule for a long time.


Now, you’re aware of how to make the most of a waist cincher. It requires patience and results will happen over time. You have almost managed to finish the 7-day waist training program. The goal from now is to wear the waist cincher for 10 hours, maintain a balanced diet and get familiar with gentle exercises with a waist cincher on to prepare for more strenuous exercises. 

*Every individual is different and so is their body. Before you get into waist training, make sure you know what works best for YOU. Don’t lose your motivation, follow the above plan, eat healthy, workout regularly, and wear a waist trainer to see amazing results for yourself. 

Good luck, gorgeous!

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