Getting Back to Shape--The LissommeX Brand Story

Getting Back To Shape When You Have a Busy Life

It’s no secret that a woman’s body changes throughout the years and even more so after having a baby. There is a secret fear that you will never get your pre-baby body back, not to mention the energy levels and your self-esteem.

Getting back to your former routine can be daunting, even seem downright impossible, when trying to juggle work, home, family and a new baby. You want to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of but tend to leave yourself off that list which can bring disastrous results to your personal well-being. Plus there is the added pressure from society that women must be able to handle everything, become some sort of super-woman because it is expected of them.

The Story of Tina, Founder of LissommeX

Tina knew this all too well having lived it in person. The mompreneur had been a workout junkie when she was in her twenties and before having her two kids. She had a clear-cut business mind and had set her life goals from an early age. Being physically active added to her natural drive and stamina, providing the energy she needed to push onwards and reach the personal and professional goals she set herself.

Years passed and Tina found her life drastically changed. After having married and given birth to two beautiful and healthy children, she came to the realization that her body, her energy levels and her overall demeanor were incredibly different. Now too busy to work out regularly, her body had changed but not in a way she was all too happy with. Her waist had lost definition thanks to the incredibly-hard-to-lose “baby weight”, her shoulders and back were in constant pain from carrying the babies, bending over, cleaning, wiping, cooking...Daily life though extremely happy, has begun to take a toll on her body and her self esteem.

Getting Back to Shape with Help from Waist Trainer

When commenting on her feelings in her circle of friends, Tina found she was not alone in her sentiments. The other moms in her group were also suffering from fatigue due to the exigencies of new motherhood and added body weight, a reminder of the not so distant pregnancy. Long gone were the mornings spent at the gym working out. They were all scared they would never feel like their former selves ever again and the thought was truly depressing. Tina thought there had to be a way for all of them to get their bodies and self confidence back on track while continuing to care for their families and tend to their homes and she decided she would find it, not just for herself but for all her friends and the large number of women all over the world who probably felt the same way.

She began to investigate healthy and effective ways to reduce belly fat, regain posture and increase lumbar support to avoid muscle pains. Her research led her to the use of corsets and waist trainers as practical accessories that can have definitive and lasting effects on the body when used regularly. Plus (added bonus) they had proven to really help with reducing that post-partum belly that was so difficult to get rid of without requiring hours at the gym which isn’t really an option for a mother of two.

Though there has been a long-time stigma and prejudice toward the use of corsets since Victorian times due to the discomfort they caused due to their construction, Tina’s research found that there could be an option more adequate to modern times and the needs of modern women. With the right materials and ergonomic design, a comfortable and visually appealing waist trainer was indeed possible and she set out to make one.

LissommeX, the Innovative Waist Trainer

Teaming up with a handful of ergonomic designers and engineers, they came up with an innovative waist trainer design that coupled with high quality fabrics and materials produced a one of a kind waist trainer made exclusively for the woman always on the go: the Lissommex Waist Trainer.

It’s unique design and construction offers the support and fit that its predecessors did but without the restraint and discomfort. This new waist trainer is made for women to feel sexy and confident again, to allow them to go about their daily tasks and commitments while regaining their waist definition and flat tummy. 

Lissommex is a brand born to give women back their natural strength and boost their flailing self-esteem. Its products are meant to be worn on a daily basis and can also be used at the gym to enhance training sessions and protect your lower back and waist when lifting weights. Lissommex can also be considered an option for men who are looking for a comfortable yet strong and sturdy accessory that will protect their bodies when lifting heavy weights.

Jenny is also a mother of two with an incredibly hectic schedule when she discovered the Lissommex Waist Trainer. She desperately wanted to get her original body shape back but had absolutely no time for training long hours at the gym with two small kids at home. She wore our waist trainer consistently for a 3-month trial period and was amazed by the results which were enhanced by some home workout routines.  Her waist got smaller, her tummy leaner and she totally regained her self confidence to deal with any and all challenges life might throw her way.

Tina, Lissommex founder and CEO, continues to design new and innovative products for both women and men to help them achieve their full potential in their physical and emotional goals. The Lissommex Waist Trainer is the first of many wonderful training solutions.

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