Home Workout with Waist Trainer

Quarantine life has been tough on everyone across the globe. You too may have felt the brunt of it. While some people have gained extra pounds, others struggled to keep up with their workout routine. 


If the lockdown weight and the reluctance to hit the gym are keeping you away from realizing #FitnessGoals2020, here’s something for you.


 The Waist Trainer.


If you’ve already been using a waist trainer, you know how it can be a boon. If not, know that waist training can work wonders! When you follow the code, you can actually get a slimmer waist by wearing a waist trainer. Many women have confirmed they experienced visible results only after a few weeks of wearing it.

In 2014, Kim K posted a picture on Instagram that broke the Internet. You’re right, the one where she was waist training. Rest is all history. Waist trainers have been the talk of the town ever since.

If you’re new to it, here’s what you need to know about waist training and how to go about it without having to hit the gym.


What is Waist Training?


Waist training is a trending workout practice, which involves wearing a waist trainer daily to trim down your waistline. In addition to that, it also requires you to follow a healthy diet and exercises that should be done while still wearing this great piece around your waist. 

Waist training stimulates perspiration and thermal activity in your core, which helps intensify your workouts. Plus, it can help you have the curved waistline that you’ve always dreamt of or  most commonly known as an hourglass figure. 


Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer


For a very long time, women have used corsets as a way to train their waist. The following are a few benefits of wearing a waist trainer

Weight Control - Waist trainers can help you restrict the amount of food that you consume. Hence, having it around your waist will make you realize that you’re eating less than before. This ultimately leads to control in your weight. 

Better Workout - There are a lot of exercises that require you to keep your back straight while performing them. Having a trainer around your waist gives you the support that you need and enhances the way you perform your exercises. 

Improved Posture - Making it impossible for you to slouch, waist trainers are perfect for improving your posture. They provide the required support to your back and enable you to sit and stand straight. 


Exercises That Can Be Performed With a Waist Trainer


There are a lot of exercises that you can try with a waist trainer at home or anywhere. Let’s have a look at them. 


Before you begin any workout, do not forget yourself to warm up. You can run for a while, walk, or stretch a bit. And all this while you can comfortably wear a waist trainer too. 

It is important because it helps to charge up your muscles for a strenuous schedule, and enables you to perform your workout more efficiently. 

 home workout with waist trainer


Squats are a perfect form of exercise to tone your butt and strengthen your thighs. One of the most important things to keep in mind, while performing it, is to keep your back firm and straight. And, in such a situation, waist trainer has you covered!

If you want to feel the extra burn, you can hold a dumbbell and lower your hips as close to the ground as possible. Also, make sure to keep your knees shoulder-width apart. 


Whether you want to increase your core strength or tone your abs or improve your posture, a plank is second to none. And, while you maintain your body balance, a waist trainer will be superb support for your back. 

Plus, to try something more challenging, you can perform side planks. Begin with holding your breath for at least 20-25 seconds and gradually increase the time limit as you get comfortable. 



You can do reverse lunges by standing straight with your feet hip and shoulder-width apart. Using your left leg, take a large step behind you, bending both of your knees so that your left calf and the right thigh are both parallel to the ground. 

Keeping your legs in this position, twist your upper body to the left so that you are looking fully sideways. Repeat the same for the right side. For full support to your back, wear a waist trainer

 workout with waist trainer


Dead lifts should be a part of every workout regimen. Primarily it is for back and buts, and when performed in a proper manner, it targets a lot of body parts including legs, arms, and shoulders too. 

The right way to do deadlifts is to keep your core tight and back straight. There are many different ways to perform this exercise like those with knees bent or knees straight. You can choose the one that suits you best. 


5 Tips To Remember

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start using a waist trainer. 

  • Pick the RIGHT and COMFORTABLE size.
  • It must be tight enough to fit your waist and comfortable enough to let you breathe. 
  • Add a thin layer of clothing between your body and the waist trainer. 
  • If you’re trying it for the first time, DO NOT wear it for longer hours.
  • DO NOT perform crunches or exercises that involve movement of your abdomen. 


Bottom Line

Staying fit is not an easy task and it definitely requires dedication and consistency. Adding additional equipment such as a waist trainer in your workout routine is an incredible way to perform better, but do not forget to eat healthy, move more, and most importantly stay stress-free. Everything is possible when you have a clear vision and your mind is set to achieve the goals! 

Invest in a reliable waist trainer today and begin your workout routine!

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