LissommeX Waist Trainer - the Most Comfortable Waist Trainer

Corsets or waist trainer are currently worn for a plurality of reasons and situations, particularly since the Kardashians have boasted of their waist training inclinations and their predilection to use body-shaping accessories. Some people use waist trainer as a way to make a fashion statement and stand out, while others wear waist trainer under their clothing for back and posture support or to enhance workouts. 

A large portion of the female audience, however, looks to corsets and waist trainers to achieve that classic hourglass figure so coveted by the fairer sex that can be a real head-turner.

Among all the waist trainer products on the market, what waist trainer brand is the best?

LissommeX waist trainer, an innovative waist trainer that just launched successfully on Kickstarter, has all possible improvements in different aspects that make it a premium and best waist trainer in the market you should try. 

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The Lissommex Waist Trainer responds to all these motivations to use such an accessory thanks to its unique design and superior inner structure evidenced through the following characteristics:


First Class, Innovative Materials

The LissommeX Waist Trainer is the only one in its kind with an inner structure of 15 strands that lend total support to the abdominal area as opposed to the standard 9 strands of which most waist trainers are constituted. These 15 strands also ensure a wrinkle-free corset that offers a pronounced hourglass effect that is not marred, stretched or debilitated by daily use.

Natural rubbers and skin-friendly fabrics make this waist trainer a joy to wear. Skin irritation caused by low-quality rubber combined with uneven body shaping is a common effect of inferior quality waist trainers which is not the Lissommex case. Using natural latex with 70% rubber content, adverse reactions are highly unusual and the high-quality material completely adheres to your body, molding it without discomfort or irritation.

The select fabrics chosen boast the ability to accelerate blood circulation and increase fat burning efficiency.

Ultra-invisible mesh used offers enhanced breathability, allowing the skin to perspire freely during exercise, enhancing sweat emission without causing discomfort due to dampness nor sweat-induced rashes.

The Lissommex Waist Trainer is constructed using high-quality steel keel that is highly elastic and resilient, offering better body support even after long-term use making it practically impossible to deform.

Attractive Design

LissommeX Waist Traienr is designed for all women regardless of their torsel shape and stature. Its ability to adhere and enhance every body shape makes it naturally comfortable to wear and incredibly convenient for use during exercise.

The new moon cutout design below the chest makes it more comfortable and easier to wear, completely avoiding the discomfort of traditional straight-cut corsets that cut into the top ribs and deform the natural curves of the breasts.

Health Benefits

Its unique structure allows it to be 100% close to the spine and completely adapt to the body curve, enhancing lumbar support during workouts or in everyday use.

Spine deformation due to prolonged desk-sitting and bad posture can be mitigated with daily use.

The Lissommex Waist trainer offers critical protection in the belt area, keeping organs safe and protection from injuries when performing exercise routines or doing intense workouts. 

This waist trainer has proven to be a great ally during postpartum recovery, preventing visceral sagging and improving rectus abdominis separation and back pain. This allows new mothers to recover from childbirth at an accelerated yet healthy pace, regaining their original body shape without need to visit a gym on a daily basis.

Repeated use helps improve posture, restore natural spine curvature and improve pelvic anteversion.

The pressure caused by the waist trainer helps to adjust the breathing to abdominal or intercostal breathing, which helps to tighten the belly and increase the vital capacity.

Are you ready to let all these benefits into your life? Try the LissommeX Waist Trainer!


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