Waist Trainer Safety Guide: How To Wear a Waist Trainer Safely?

For ages, women have fancied the idea of getting a smaller waist to resemble the popular perfectly curved (hourglass) form. Nowadays, renowned celebrities have begun to set the ‘smaller-waist-bigger-bust’ standards which have led a resurgence in the popularity of corsetry and waist training.

Made of a thick elastic fabric, waist trainers are meant to be worn around the midsection, and the back often has hooks, laces, or velcro. The idea behind a waist trainer is that the pulling action can give an individual a sleeker, smaller, and curved waist. They can be worn all day, during workouts, etc. 

Today, the Internet is full of waist trainers hype and a large number of women are excited about investing in them. If you’re one of those females too, who’s never tried a waist trainer and planning to try one, then you might also have a lot of questions flooded in your mind. 

Don’t worry. We’re here for you. You can continue reading to learn about what waist trainers do and whether they’re worth the risk. 

Here are some of the most common questions answered. 

How to Wear a Waist Trainer Safely?

The following are a few key points to ensure that you’re wearing the waist trainer in a safe manner. 

  • First of all, purchase a safe waist trainer that fits you perfectly - is neither too loose nor too tight. 
  • It will hug your body, support your waist, and flatten your stomach for a smooth silhouette. 
  • Don’t forget to check the material that you want to buy.
  • Whenever you wear a waist trainer, make sure to add a thin line of clothing between your skin and the trainer. 
  • It can be a challenge to wear for the first time, and eventually you may get used to it.
  • If you’re a beginner, do NOT wear for longer hours. Gradually increase the hours from 1 hour a day to around 6-8 hours a day over the course of 10-15 days.

Tip: No matter how much you’re fond of this trendy piece, if you’re uncomfortable wearing it, just STOP. 


When Should You Wear a Waist Trainer?

So, you have a super busy schedule and can’t figure out when you can waist train? You can wear it anytime!

  • A waist trainer can be worn with any outfit, and you can easily wear it to work or an event or a party!
  • You can select your cincher based on the clothes that you usually wear. 
  • Waist trainers can be worn at the time of workout, only if you’re comfortable. Avoid exercises such as crunches or the ones that involve squeezing your tummy. 
  • Also, you can perform a variety of exercises with a waist trainer such as squats, reverse lunges, planks, etc. that require you to keep your back straight. 
  • Though most waist trainers can be worn while sleeping as well, it’s better if you try not to wear them for a comfortable sleep. 

Tip: Wear a waist trainer whenever you like, just make sure it’s not being a problem for your clothing or causing you any kind of discomfort. 


Can Waist Trainer Help You Lose Weight? 

Waist trainers do not work magically and melt your belly fat, but they can definitely be a great part of your weight loss journey.

  • A waist trainer can help you cut down a few inches off your waist. 
  • Wearing a waist trainer can have an effect on the portion of your food, as it fits perfectly around your tummy, compresses it, and you begin eating less. 
  • Your exercise forms get improved with a waist trainer, as you’re able to keep your back straight and posture correct.


If you buy a waist trainer with a weight loss mindset and think you can just wear it in the morning until the end of the day without moving a lot and binge on food items every now and then, you’re wrong. You need to focus on your diet, calorie intake, and workout routine along with wearing a waist trainer to shed those extra kilos. 


Is a Waist Trainer Dangerous?

Along with all the great things that you’ve heard or read about waist trainers, you might be also concerned about the risks linked to these pieces. Are waist trainers dangerous? Or do they hurt your body? 

Not necessarily, but there are a few risks involved such as:

  • Breathing problems - If you cinch your waist trainer too tight, you will feel difficulty in breathing as it can reduce your lung capacity.
  • Digestive System Issues - Wearing a waist trainer doesn’t only compress the outer tummy, it also affects the internal parts too. When too much pressure is put on the stomach you may feel acidic, or other related discomforts. 
  • Backache - When you wear an extremely tight waist trainer for too long, it can cause pain in your back as well and there can be a little stiffness too. 

Well, if you actually listen to your body, and do weight training only when you’re comfortable, there may be no risks or negative outcomes. Moreover, wearing a safe waist trainer occasionally probably won’t cause any problems, provided it’s not too tight.


Summing Up

The transition to a curved and smaller waistline should be gradual as it will make the results last longer! Also, do not forget to consume a healthy and balanced diet, drink lots of water, keep a check on your stress levels, exercise regularly, and maintain a schedule for months to see the desired results. 

Waist trainers are no magic tool and will not have a dramatic effect on your figure. Surely, you can have the fabulous results for reshaping your body but for that, you need to be patient, work hard, wear them sensibly, and make sure they’re 100% comfortable.

So, keep the above tips in mind, and shop for the Lissommex waist trainer that best suits your requirement! 

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