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How is it different

  • The New Moon Cutout underneath the chest is more comfortable and easier to wear, avoiding the discomfort of traditional corset that cuts into the top rib.
  • Easy Adaptation: Designed for women with various torsel shapes and statures. Naturally comfortable and convenient for almost every exercise routine.
  • Breathable Mesh Design: Unlike the others, the LissommeX waist trainer has an aesthetic design and offers; enhanced breathability (after wearing so that the skin can breathe more during exercise), comfortability, and an enhanced sweat emission. Additionally, the mesh is also a “size indicator” for the waist size.   The mesh is invisible when the waist trainer is flat. After putting it on, if you can see the mesh, it means the size is right. If you don't see the mesh, it means that the trainer is too large for you, you can change it to a smaller size. Select 15 bones to shape the golden ratio.
  • Ergonomically Correct: 15 steel bones wrap around the waist, providing the perfect balance of support, shape, and comfort–while also giving golden proportion to waist and hips.
  • High-quality Steel Keel: high elasticity, high resilience, better body support, long-term repeated wear, and almost impossible to deform.
  • Smooth Body Curve: 100% close to the spine, adapt to the body curve
  • Health Correction: for the abnormal body shape of the office crowd, it can be corrected in less than no time.