How long does shipping take in the U.S.?

We ship via USPS priority mail which takes 2-4 days to arrive anywhere in the US. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number and link to track your package.

Please note, the order processing time is 1-2 days.

How long does international shipping take?

International orders shipped via DHL Express (2-5 business days) and E-Packet (7-15 business days).

*Please note; there may be additional duties, taxes or customs fees due upon delivery to international orders. These are the responsibility of the customer and are not collected by Lissommex, nor are they included in the order total. International orders are shipped on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

*If you refuse a shipment, your shipping fee will not be eligible for a refund since we have already made a payment to the shipping company.

Can I change my shipping address?

Orders are batched and packaged as soon as the order is placed, and unfortunately, we can't always catch an order change. You may email or call us to make a change, but we cannot guarantee you an order change.

 Lost or stolen packages?

We are not liable if any packages are lost or stolen. Please check your property or with your neighbors to help locate the package. If your tracking number shows your package was delivered but you did not receive it, please contact your carrier to file a claim. Please contact us with your claim number and we can work together on a resolution. We ask that you wait 48 business hours after your tracking shows "Delivered" to file any claim as most of the packages are delivered in that time frame.

How to Return the Waist Trainer?

Once your returned item is received, it takes approximately 4-7 business days to quality check and restock the items. Once the returned product is restocked, we will send you an email notification that the refund has been issued. Original Shipping is non-refundable. In case complete order is returned comprising of 3 pcs or more, a restocking fee of 50% per item will be charged.

How to Exchange Waist Trainer?

Return the original order for a refund and place a new order for the style or size you want in exchange. Due to the high volume of orders, we don't always have every size available but we will gladly check our stock or find a similar style in your size. Contact us through the form below or Chat with our support team for further help.


We need your help to return the items purchased in an un-used, not washed, stain-free, not damaged or faulty condition. We’ll take care of the refund if you take care of the items purchased. We will either dispose or donate returned items that cannot be restocked. We cannot return them back.

Waist Training

What is waist training?

 Waist training is a healthy process of shrinking your waist size by wearing a natural rubber latex waist trainer. When wearing it daily, a waist trainer will gradually reshape your waist into an hourglass figure by compressing and repositioning your body fat.

Also known as waist cinching, this practice came into prominence during Victorian times and has remained relevant because of it's proven result. They need to be worn 6-10 hours a day and be very tight. The compression also reduces hunger since they are tight, and they help improve posture and back pain as well. In modern days people inherited this technique but improved it to provide a more comfortable experience.

Please read our size guide to start your waist training journey.

After 30 days you will notice a significant difference in your midsection. Our customers have dropped 2-3 dress sizes in this timeframe.

How do I choose the correct size of my waist trainer?

The most reliable method to choosing the correct size waist trainer is to measure your waist right above your navel and refer to the size chart to find the corresponding size. You can also go by height/and weight, but keep in mind that this is a general method only since we all hold our weight differently. We recommend measuring.

If you are in doubt, or between sizes, choose one size up. Our waist trainers are meant to fit very tight and may need help getting it on the first time until it breaks in a bit. If you need help choosing a size, please email us at support@lissommex.com

How can I care for the waist trainer?

Hand wash in warm water and dry by either hanging or laying it flat. Do NOT use bleach. Do NOT iron.

Can I wear it if I am allergic to rubber?

While we make use of the best quality natural rubber in the market to reduce the risk of allergy, if you have diagnosed with rubber allergy, we do NOT recommend that you buy it. We thank you for your cooperation

Can I wear it for sports, fitness and everyday activity?

Yes, the LissommeX Waist Trainer is suitable for three major use cases: daily wear can help correct posture and create an hourglass waist. Wearing it to protect your waist and abdomen when you workout. It can also be worn postpartum to help prevent internal organs from sagging.

What are the advantages of 15 shares?

9 strands focus on shaping, but they are prone to folds when worn for a long time, which affects comfort. 25 strands reduce wrinkles, but they are not efficiently capable of reshaping the waist curve. The 15 strands selected by Lissommex, on the other hand, offers better support, less prone to wrinkles, better support in the front abdomen, and does not affect the hourglass effect.

Will my chest be squeezed?

No, LissommeX adopts a unique chest support design, and the unique chest curve design perfectly fits the chest shape. The length is controlled scientifically, avoiding too short to cover the meat and the long top chest too.

Do you feel stuffy when you wear it?

No, LissommeX uses ultra-invisible mesh design, which has good ventilation and a strong perspiration effect. The mesh used is not too large and this is done to prevent it from covering the beauty of the waist trainer.