We Love Hearing From Our Customers! Here is What Some of Them Have to Say About Our Waist Trainers! 

"a moment of truth. in the past I haven't been all that huge on waist trainers. not because I don't believe they work but because they are so damn uncomfortable. If they ‘re not squeezing my stomach to no end the steel bones are pressing into my to the back or it's hurting my sides....I don't promote anything I haven't tried before and this waist trainer by LissommeX is the absolute truth...first thing I noticed, the level of comfortably. the intern mesh is breathable, the steel bars are flexible so there's no poking. It's literally the best I've seen thus far. Oh and did I mention how it looks under your clothes? If you are looking for a good waist trainer for working out, to wear around the house or prep your summer body, this is the one."



"Being a powerlifter , my waist line tends to thicken . My trainer helps me keep my waist line right where I want it , flatten my abs , pull unwanted water and also provide low back support in some of my lifts .I am obsessed with LissommeX waist trainer! Finally found the right waist trainer and one that actually works and feels amazing on the body . Material is flexible and soft and the sizing is on point compared to some of the other companies I have tried . Buy it !! You won’t be sorry !!"


"When i saw the Kickstarter claiming a corset/waist trainer that was breathable and flexible i was skeptical but intrigued enough to give it a go. I am so glad i did. It is the most comfortable corset I’ve ever owned and i actually look forward to putting it on every morning. It’s great for workouts or just waist training while sitting around the house. Who knew you could waist train while sitting and still be comfortable? I love it. I can’t stop talking about it to friends."




“I've definitely tried plenty of waist trainers in my time and I've got to say that this is one of the more comfortable ones. The support it gives me feels great and it holds up in all those lumps and bumps, haha!”



"I am so impressed on the quality of this waist trainer. It’s super comfortable, and it really helps my back. I can wear it up to 6hours straight. And it’s super cute! Truly recommend it!"


--Vanessa @nessa_star


"At first I was concerned I had measured wrong because it took some effort to get it on. But once I did I loved it! So comfortable and I have no trouble moving in all directions!"

--Sarah Jackson


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