Waist Training Guide

How to Wear Waist Trainer?

NOTE: first-time users may find it difficult to put on the waist trainer, it is advised that they apply force. However, It becomes easier to wear after a couple of trials.

Step 1: Use both hands and pull hard towards the middle until they can hook together.

Step 2: You can hook it from top to bottom or vice versa.

Step 3: Put on your dress and you are good to go!



Taking Care of your Waist Trainer

1. Cleaning and Caring

  • Soak the waist trainer in water, add a little amount of mild laundry detergent, rub and rinse gently. Place the waist trainer in a drying bag and hang to dry in a cool area.
  • Do not wash the waist trainer every day as this may ruin the rubber part, thereby decreasing its lifespan.

2. Product Safety Instructions

  • If you feel uncomfortable in the waist trainer when you wear it for the first time, it is advised that you only wear it for a short period of time (1-2 hours). If like most people you do not have any trouble breathing while it is on, then you should wear for a longer period of time (3-4 hours). You can decide to wear for more than 8 hours a day if you do not have trouble breathing, itchy, or irritated.
  • Do NOT wear during menstruation or when sleeping.
  • Users with indigestion should wear it at least an hour after a meal.
  • When engaging in aerobic and upper body exercises it is advisable to loosen the waist trainer during the course of the workout session. For strength and lower body exercises, it is advisable to tighten the waist trainer as it is capable of improving your workout result.
  • Do NOT wear when engaging in abdominal exercises.
  • Do NOT wear the waist trainer when using the convenience
  • The lifespan of a new waist trainer is specifically 6 to 12 months after the first use. If for any reason it starts to feel loose on you, then you could either decide to get a smaller one or a new one entirely.
  • Wash the waist trainer as you deem fit but do NOT leave to dry under direct sunlight.
  • These waist trainers are not recommended for those who are sensitive to smell or individuals with skin sensitivity as well as other body conditions
  • First-time users are advised to buy waist trainers that are slightly smaller than they are.