LissommeX Waist Trainer

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LissommeX Waist Trainer provides the best waist training result with the comfort you deserve. With our patented hourglass design, the waist trainer can easily adapt to your body shape, providing you the desired body shape you wanted in the modern age.

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  • New Moon Cutout: These unique cut-outs below the chest provide additional comfort and make it easy to put on, avoiding the pain of the upper edges cutting into the ribs like a lot of the traditional corsets would do. 
  • Easy Adaptation:  Designed for every kind of female body shape, providing natural comfort and additional support during exercise and workouts.
  • Breathable Mesh Design: At LissommeX, we use high-quality mesh material with enhanced breathability so your skin won't be smothered from sweats during physical exercises. You can also use the mesh as an indicator -- if you can see the mesh while you wear the waist trainer, it means the size is correct, if not, the trainer is too large for you and it's time to size down.
  • Ergonomic Design: With the 15 super flexible steel bones wrapped around your waist, the LissommeX Waist Trainer provides the perfect balance of support, shaping, and comfort while giving a golden ratio to your waist and hips.
  • High-quality Steel Bone: The steel bones used in the manufacturing of the LissommeX Waist Trainer are highly flexible and resilient, providing better body support even after long-time repeated uses because they are near-impossible to deform.
  • Smooth Body Curve:100% close to the spine, the LissommeX Waist Trainer adapts to every curve of your body.